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Semana Santa (Holy Week) is being celebrated throughout Spain, but most spectacularly in Andalucía and its capital city, Sevilla.

Happy Easter? To outsiders the passionate processions of penitents, colourful and theatrical, can feel faintly sinister. Judge for yourself by mingling with the crowds in our video, Semana Santa in Andalucía. 46 minutes.

Lockdown has given us plenty of time to tackle our backlog of video footage, so if, like us, you’re missing travel to Spain, we now we have 15 Spanish travelogues on view. A couple of related subjects are a Holy Week visit to Córdoba and an entirely accidental pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Back to the pandemic: Judith’s latest contribution to the newsletter of the National Association of Sessional GPs, 76 Days, contrasts how hospitals in Britain and Wuhan coped in the early stages. Chuck was one of the fortunate few to get an Early Bird Jab, but what about the second one?

Emerging gradually from London Lockdown, we’re getting to know our neighbourhood better (50 years on), seeking interesting photographic and sketching opportunities – all now within walking distance.

Enter the Library, visit the Theatre, view over sixty Video Travelogues, or leaf through a Travel Diary. In her blog called Perspectives Judith continues the series of articles collected in her book of that title exploring life and culture from a General Practitioner’s viewpoint. Chuck also posts occasional reflections on Growing Old Gratefully. And there’s a Gallery where you can view some of our favourite photographs and Judith’s sketches.

What’s New?

Video Travelogues

An Easter Holy Week excursion from the flower-filled gardens of Córdoba to the wild flowers of the Sierra Aracena. 18 minutes.

We had no intention of making a pilgrimage, but by way of Portugal, misadventure brought us to Santiago de Compostela. 37 minutes.

Spring arrives in the garden

London Lockdown Photos

Spring arrives in Regent’s Park

London Lockdown Sketches

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