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Our first selfie: from a whimsically decorated boat on the Regent’s Canal

We keep track of the nation’s economic health, so why not its physical and mental health? Read The Health of the Nation: Who’s Keeping Score? Judith’s latest contribution to the newsletter of the National Association of Sessional GPs. And, huzzah! The latest lockdown has enabled us to finish editing our library of 15 Spanish travelogues.

Enter the Library, visit the Theatre, view over sixty Video Travelogues, or leaf through a Travel Diary. In her blog called Perspectives Judith continues the series of articles collected in her book of that title exploring life and culture from a General Practitioner’s viewpoint. Chuck also posts occasional reflections on Growing Old Gratefully. And there’s a Gallery where you can view some of our favourite photographs and Judith’s sketches.

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Video Travelogues

A weight off my mind: in lockdown we’ve finished editing our library of 15 Spanish travelogues.

Memories of Spain: Tarragona to León

Crossing northern Spain in search of early Spring, we left our video camera behind, nevertheless . . . (16 minutes)

European Stone Stacking Championship © Sally Anderson Photography

The Health of the Nation: Who’s Keeping Score?

Regent’s Canal

Latest Photos

Oxford: St Sepulchre’s churchyard

Latest Sketches

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