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WORK IN PROGRESS: Read-through of Chuck’s new play on flat-sharing with AI, ‘That Cat Is Not Real’.

Actors (l-r) Beth Eyre, Alison Skilbeck, Tim Hardy, David Barnes

Judith has published three new articles on her blog. Find out about the advances in repurposing of drugs and healthcare, why you can’t find a public lavatory anymore, and why you can’t eat just one snack. She’s also continued to fill up sketchbooks at a great rate and we’ve brought her Sketchbook up-to-date. See her impressions of our Garden Flat, and London scenes, and our Urban Sketchers jaunts, where while drawing, we seem to be colourful enough to become the subject!

Watch any of 84 videos in the Cinema – mostly travelogues ranging from one to sixty minutes. For more armchair travel enter the Library and read our Travel Diaries. You can also access the Bookshop here. In the Theatre you can read the reviews and watch two plays. In her blog called Perspectives Judith continues the series of articles collected in her book of that title exploring life and culture from a General Practitioner’s viewpoint. Chuck also posts occasional reflections on his blog, Growing Old Gratefully. And there’s a Gallery where you can view some of our favourite photographs (this bit now under reconstruction, alas) and Judith’s sketches.

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