Video Travelogues

How They Garden in St John’s Wood

How the super-rich garden. August 2021. 4 minutes.

Escape to Dorset

Post-lockdown we rediscover the small pleasures of Dorset and some surprises. August 2020. 15 minutes.

Brasil – Part 1

Rio to Ouro Preto, Brasilia and the inland port of Manaus on the Amazon. November 2019. 55 minutes.

Brasil – Part 2

Inhotim, the world’s largest outdoor art museum, is carved from the Brazil jungle. November 2019. 20 minutes.

Brasil – Part 3

A 5-day Amazon River voyage, then on to Salvador and Arembepe in Bahia. December 2019. 55 minutes.


Heading South

A journey to El Rocío the site of the Romeria, an annual horseback pilgrimage. April, 2019. 24 minutes.

Not Las Palmas: the Steepest Island

Exploring the steepest island in the world, La Palma, in the Canary Islands. April, 2018. 26 minutes.

Benicàsim: Beach and Beyond

Travelling through Cataluña on the eve of the vote for independence. October, 2017. 23 minutes.

Andalucia – Sierra and Sea

A mountain trek from Grazalema and then coastal Zahara de los Atunes. April 2016. 20 minutes.

Exploring Murcia Traditions

We walk the Via Verde, a disused railway line, and discover a strange rural culture. May 2015. 20 minutes.

Across Spain: Tarragona to León

Crossing northern Spain, from Tarragona to León and Asturias in search of early Spring. March, 2013. 16 minutes.

Andalucía & Via Verde de la Sierra

Is 30 kilometers too far to walk for a destination restaurant? A feast of pleasures around picturesque Cádiz. October 2012. 28 minutes.

The Balearics & Cataluña

A journey through the Catalan areas of Spain – the Balearic Islands and volcanic La Garrotxa. October 2011. 40 minutes.

Roundabout Route to Santiago

We had no intention of making a pilgrimage, but misadventure brought us to Santiago. October 2009. 37 minutes.

Córdoba and the Sierra de Aracena

From the flower-filled gardens of Córdoba to the wild flowers of the Sierra Aracena, where we look for a property. April 2009. 18 minutes.

Semana Santa in Andalucía

Theatrical and passionate, Semana Santa (Holy Week) is most spectacular in Andalucía and Sevilla. April 2009. 46 minutes.

On the Trail of El Cid

1000 years ago he reconquered Valencia and he’s buried in Burgos cathedral. September, 2008. 40 minutes.

Alto Aragon

On horseback and shank’s mare, tracking Spring along the valleys of the flower-strewn Pyrenées. May 2005. 21 minutes.

Walking the Pyrenees

From Benasque in Spain, through mountains and lakes, into Andorra and France, climbing Pic Carlit. July-August, 2003. 47 minutes.

The Pyrenees in Winter

Cross-country skiing looks so easy. Surely it must be less demanding than downhill. Wrong! February 2002. 10 minutes

Heading North – Part 1

A voyage to the most northerly corner of Europe starts with a train trip to Norway. It takes us a week. October, 2018. 27 minutes.

Colombia – Part 1

By launch down the Río Magdalena to reach Mompós, the city that time forgot. February, 2018. 44 minutes.

Heading North – Part 2

Threading the Norwegian coast we travel 1,300 nautical miles and visit 34 ports of call – each way. October 2018. 54 minutes.

Colombia – Part 2

Medellin, once the murder capital of the world, has been transformed. February, 2018. 32 minutes.

West Bengal – 1

From Kolkata to Darjeeling, demonetisation throws India into economic chaos. November, 2016. 49 minutes.

West Bengal – 2

A quiet stay on a farm in the Himalayas, little-visited temples in Malda, and the Sunderbans delta. December, 2016. 50 minutes.

Namibia – Part 1

Namibia – Part 2

Driving through spectacular dunes and the sand that sings. November, 2015. 44 minutes.

Dramatic scenery and animal encounters. November 2015. 46 minutes.

Burma – Part 1

A 16-hour jolting train journey to Mandalay, then a voyage down the Ayerarwady River to Bagan’s 4,400 temples . December, 2012. 57 minutes.

Burma – Part 2

A perilous rail journey to the Shan town of Hsipaw. The train trip back South takes an unexpected turn when we miss our stop! December, 2012. 41 minutes.

Burma – Part 3

Karst mountains shelter huge caves stuffed with Buddhas. The scant remains of the Burma Railway. December, 2012. 37 minutes.

Cuban Medicine

We sent over 400 medical students from 20 countries to learn how Cuban medicine does so much for so little. March 2014. 11 minutes.

The Last Tourists in Syria? – Part 1

Revolution was stirring in Syria, but we had already booked our tickets for the six-day train journey to Aleppo. April, 2011. 58 minutes

The Last Tourists in Syria? – Part 2

Life seemed normal in Damascus and the desert ruins of Palmyra but then we ran into the armed roadblocks. April, 2011. 55 minutes

Lhasa to London by Rail – Part 1


Starting in Tibet, it’s 9000 kilometers by rail from Lhasa to London. May 2007, 45 minutes.

Lhasa to London by Rail – Part 2

Ancient China

Crossing Tibet on the world’s highest railway to visit China. May, 2007. 37 minutes.

Lhasa to London by Rail – Part 3


Breaking our journey in Beijing on the passage by rail from Tibet to England. May, 2007. 57 minutes.

Lhasa to London by Rail – Part 4

Trans-Siberian Rail

The Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing to Moscow, and then on to London. June, 2007. 59 minutes.

Beatrice Hits the Silk Road

A 92-year-old Welsh lady realises a lifetime dream of visiting the Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan. April 2008. 55 minutes.

Beatrice: Now We Are 100

The birthday card from the Queen has arrived. Time to celebrate the lifetime of an adventurous lady. August, 2015. 7 minutes.

Central America – 1

Travels through Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua in December 2007. 52 minutes.

Central America – 2

Jungles and volcanos in Nicaragua and Costa Rica in January 2008. 43 minutes.

Argentina on Horseback

By horseback across the Andes and by bus in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. January 2007. 57 minutes.

Mexico – Part 1

Mexico City

Parades, ancient sites, revolutionary murals and the world’s largest plaza de toros. November, 2005. 38 minutes.

Ecuador on Horseback

Riding through the mountains of  Ecuador into an extinct volcano. December 2004. 31 minutes.

Mexico – Part 2

Day of the Dead

When dawn breaks, the vigils in the cemetery turn into a family fiestas. November, 2005. 47 minutes.

Mexico – Part 3


A boisterous Independence Day parade in the stronghold of the Zapatista revolutionary movement. November, 2005. 37 minutes.

Mexico – Part 4


Remote pre-Columbian cities, underground cenote lakes and Mérida’s joyful Sunday celebrations. December, 2005. 56 minutes.


A glimpse of the wonderful mosques and markets of Istanbul and a cruise up to the Black Sea. November 2003. 23 minutes.


Cobbled streets throb with trams and fado, and we visit the fabulous castle in Sintra. October, 2003. 28 minutes.

Discovering Albania with Professor Tom Winnifrith

Professor Tom Winnifrith leads us on a cultural exploration of ancient civilisations in Albania. September, 2002. 44 minutes.

Along the Andes-1

Lima, the mysterious Nazca lines, a carol concert in Arequipa, heading through the Atacama desert to Chile. December, 2002. 46 minutes.

Along the Andes-2

Breaking down in the Atacama desert, riding in Torres del Paine Park, sailing through the Chilean fjords. December, 2002. 46 minutes.

Along the Andes-3

By bus, boat and train through dramatic scenery in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia to the world’s highest city, Potosí. January, 2003. 47 minutes.

Along the Andes-4

From La Paz in Bolivia, we cross Lake Titicaca and the Andes of Peru, back to sea level and then north to Ecuador. January, 2003. 54 minutes.

On which Idyllic Greek Island Shall We Buy a House?

Follow the dream: a house-hunting expedition through nine very different islands in the Cyclades. April, 2002. 58 minutes.

Sailing through the Galápagos on a Small Boat

As Darwin, observed, the finches, and much else, differ from island to island in the Galápagos. December 2004. 58 minutes.


Round-the-World – Part 1

India: Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh

Round-the-World – Part 2

India: Karnataka & Goa

The hill resort of Matheran, the holy city of Nasik, ancient forts and rock-cut temples. October, 2000. 44 minutes.

We arrive at the time of a festival held in the sprawling ruins of the ancient city of Hampi. November, 2000. 52 minutes.

Round-theWorld – Part 3

India: Kerala and the Temples of Tamil Nadu

Round-the-World – Part 4

India: Rowing Down the Ganges

Kerala isn’t just rice boats. Fort Kochi’s markets, tea plantations of the Cardamom Hills, the game reserve of Periyar. November, 2000. 56 minutes.

As the crow flies it’s about 200k from Allahabad to Varanasi. Our voyage by rowboat takes five days and nights. December 2000. 48 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 5

India: Dallying with Wolves in Gujarat

Staying in a remote village to study the behaviour of the Indian wolf. January 2001. 54 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 6

India: Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat

Temples and palaces of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. January 2001. 53 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 7

Down the Mekong

A voyage down the Mekong in Laos on the tipsy ‘Ship of Fools’ to dreamy Luang Prabang. February 2001. 56 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 8

Laos & Cambodia

A highlight is a visit to the sprawling, anguished temples of Angkor Wat. February 2001. 54 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 9


From frenetic Hanoi and mystical Halong Bay through the freezing mountain village of Sapa to the warm south. February, 2001. 55 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 10


In Sumatra, a huge lake in a volcano and encounters with orang-utans. In Bali, dances and temples. March, 2001. 57 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 11


From Perth we take the Indian Pacific across the Nullabor desert to Adelaide, then on to Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland. March 2001. 52 minutes.

Round-the-World – Part 12

Fiji to the USA

Total culture shock: from lagoon life in Fiji to skiing in California and a college lacrosse game in upstate New York. April, 2001. 58 minutes.

How now brown cow

Teaching English in China

When you’re teaching English as a foreign language to a class of 90 Chinese students, you’ve got to be an entertainer. May 2007. 7 minutes.