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Warehouse of Dreams

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The View from Nowhere

Moriarty runs a refugee camp in the Middle East. It’s a city of troubled people growing like a tumour and it’s 24/7. Shedloads of food, water and excrement, the thievery, threats and protests, aggrieved co-workers, a hostile press, young girls sold into sexual slavery . . . with his gift of the gab and wry sense of humour he can tough that out. The nightmare which stalks his soul is the spectre of ineradicable guilt.

85 minutes
Okay, you’ve written a play. Now what? 46 minutes

Video Diary 1

2nd July 2014: 132 days until First Night. 10′

Video Diary 2

21st July 2014: 113 days until First Night. 3′

Video Diary 3

1 August 2014: 102 days until First Night. Should we involve the charity, War Child? 8′

Video Diary 4

21 August 2014: 82 days until First Night. 4′

Video Diary 5

31 August 2014: 72 days until First Night. 6′

Video Diary 6

18 September 2014: 54 days until First Night. 2′

Video Diary 7

29 September 2014: 43 days until First Night. 6′

Video Diary 8

10 October 2014: 32 days until First Night. 4′

Video Diary 9

9 November 2014. 2 days until First Night. 6′

Prez is a brilliant biochemist. His experiments show a leading herbicide is carcinogenic. In the lab it causes sexual abnormalities in frogs, and there is evidence it pollutes the environment and affects humans, too. He has an existential fight against entrenched interests on his hands. Not helped by the chip he carries on his shoulder as big as the sink estate he grew up on – where he survived by acting the irreverent clown.

Act 1 – 48 minutes
Act 2 – 47 minutes

Now in Production 1

The First Read-through. In a theatre stairwell! 3′

Now in Production 2

Should we put this show on in the round? 1′

Now in Production 3

Checking out the set design and lighiing plan, we meet at the National Theatre. Where else? 2′

Now in Production 4

Announcing the cast of the new show!. 2′

Now in Production 5

Cast Meets Script. 3′

Now in Production 6

Rehearsal Day 9. 2