Travel Diaries

Were we out of our minds to search along the corniche in Aswan for a felucca to take us on a three-day sail down the Nile?

Walking through Waterland

October 2016

The Fen Rivers Way follows the Cam and then the Great Ouse for fifty miles . . .

Fen Rivers Way

Walking the Norfolk Coast

May 2013

Heavy rain was forecast, apart from a strip along the East Anglian coast . . .

Norfolk Coastal Path

Burma by train

December 2012

In Myanmar you can only buy a ticket at the station you’re leaving from.. . .


The Isle of Mull, Scotland

August 2013

On the overnight sleeper to Glasgow we got into the mood in the bar with a couple of wee single malts . . .

Isle of Mull

Postcards from Andalucía

September 2012

After months of drought the rain in Spain descended as we set out along the Via Verde de la Sierra . . .

Via Verde

Judith Gets Her Just Desserts in Syria

April 2011

It was late. The souk was closed. Some musicians beckoned us down a dark passage . . .

Cuba by train

December 2013

. . . and the same frustrating regulation applies in Cuba as well!

Santiago to Havana

An epic of endurance!

April to August 2012

The British weather meant it took us several months to complete our 10-day walk along the South Downs Way . .

The South Downs Way

Staying in a Syrian Monastery

April 2011

When you reach the top of the stone stairs you are at 1300 metres. There is an unmarked door 40 inches high . . .

Mar Mousa

Mexico – a Feast of Culture and Tradition

Oct – Dec 2005

We stay up all night on the Day of the Dead and sample Aztec, Mixtec & Mayan cultures.

Along the Andes

Dec 2002 to Feb 2003

Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Is Albania Safe?

September 2002

Within sight of Corfu lies an isolated crumbling cultural mix.

Along the Andes

Round the World I: Around India

Oct 2000 to Jan 2001

A three-month journey through southern India, down the Ganges by rowboat, and chasing wolves in Gujarat.

RTW I: India

Round the World III: Australia, Fiji & USA

April 2001

Australian cities, the Indian Pacific railway, Fiji, skiing in California and family and friends in New York.

RTW III: Australia, Fiji & US


April 2013

Is Albania Safe?

Round the World II: Southeast Asia

Jan to Apr 2001

Down the Mekong and up the Nam Ou in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sumatra and Bali in Indonesia

RTW II: Southeast Asia

Journeying down the Nile by Felucca

October 1999

Were we out of our minds to hunt along the corniche in Aswan for a felucca to sail for three days down the Nile?

Down the Nile

African Safari

October 2013

A journey around Peru with Mike Ewart & Sally Anderson.

Mike & Sally find plenty of animals and G&Ts in the Okavango Delta.